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BYIS is the company to contact for the supply of parts and component equipment used in all phases of exploration, production, and the refining of oil for both onshore and offshore projects. BYIS is actively involved in steam generator operation worldwide. Major equipment has been, and is currently being supplied to Bakersfield, California, Venezuela, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia and Kuwait.

Process Heaters

BYIS has built over one thousand direct fired process heaters! The majority of these being of the cylindrical radiant – convection design. The design of the heater is dependent upon the specific application.

Thermal Fluid Heaters

These systems are designed to provide high temperature heat at low pressure to a large variety of down-steam equipment. Heaters provided have used every type of heat transfer fluid available. Size of the equipment has varied from 3.0 million btu/hr to 121.0 million btu/hr.

Thermal Oxydizers

Thermal treatment of waste has become the best method of disposing of undesirable waste. BYIS offers a line of equipment to dispose of waste gases and liquids.

Ancillary Components

BYIS offers standard and custom design components for every piece of high temperature heat transfer systems. BYIS offers not only the components for a new system, but we are available for plant modernization, increase in capacity, and state of the art emissions control systems and efficiency improvements.

Engineering Service

Our lead engineer is a registered professional engineer and has extensive credentials in heat transfer design and manufacturing. He has held engineering positions for three major companies in related fields before forming his own manufacture and design company in 1990.

Inspection Service

Our lead inspector has more than 20 years of experience in the supervision of fabrication of heat transfer vessels. In addition, he is a certified inspector, CWI.

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